For us at Rise, leadership is both an honour and an extraordinary responsibility. Our mission is to support the development of exemplary organisations in this crucial time for the planet and all its inhabitants - present and future.

With backgrounds in education, academia, human resources, entrepreneurship, contemplative practice and science, our team walks the talk both individually and collectively. We are here to support you move to the next level of impact and service in the world.




Thomas Arta is the founder of Rise and works at the intersection of leadership, mindfulness and adult development. With a multi-disciplinary background in creative education, psychology, contemplative practice and group facilitation, he is passionate about human growth and creating spaces that support this growth and its expression in the world. In addition to designing and teaching leadership programs, he supports leaders one-on-one to thrive in the face of complexity and volatility. He lives in the Black Forest area of Germany with his partner and two daughters.


Senior advisor

The wise wizard of Rise, Mike has spent more than twenty years helping people develop their capacity for leadership and achieve increased levels of performance, effectiveness and fulfilment. He served on the faculty of The School of Coaching and was an associate with The Centre for Creative Leadership where he worked on their leadership development programmes. In addition to these roles, he also had careers as an academic, a software developer, a management consultant with the PA Consulting Group, and a psychotherapist. He was also a trustee of the charity Green and Away which creates convivial environments that transform people. He loves to walk on the Malvern Hills in southern England, and recently discovered a passion for singing!